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Welcome to Tucson Pole Fitness!

For those who are curious about pole fitness and would like to give it a try, 
we're currently offering our Intro to Pole class at a reduced price:

$30 for Intro to Pole dance class ($35 originally)
(click the link above to pay online)

Pole dancing is a fun way to express your flirtatious side while getting a great workout. Workouts can boost self-confidence and help you feel great, and improve strength and flexibility while toning muscles.

Important Information
  • Reservations are required in advance for introduction class and class space is subject to availability
  • Recommended attire: shorts and a tank top or sports bra, no rings or bracelets. Do not apply lotion the day of your class.
We've scheduled dedicated Intro to Pole Dance classes for all first-time students:

Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM
Thursdays @ 7:30 PM
Saturdays @ 10 AM

However, if those times don't work for you, you may attend a regular foundation class. We'll let the instructor know beforehand that you are new. Once you have attended your Intro to Pole Dance class, you can then attend any of the other Pole Foundation classes we offer. Check them out on the calender here.  Each class is 55 minutes long.

We offer a variety of membership plans or non-membership options for those who'd like to continue!

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 520-275-1391 or send us an email at tucsonpolefitness@gmail.com.

We hope to see you at the studio soon!


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 | Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Have you ever wanted to learn a sexy dance for your partner, take charge in those heels, or even incorporate sexy moves into your pole routine? Well, here's your chance!

We will start with the basics:
* How to confidently take charge
* Body positioning
* Sexy floorwork
Then we'll put it together into a routine!

No matter what level you are at, there are moves for you! You will leave with a cheat sheet so you can practice at home and don't have to stress about remembering everything.

Attire: leggings/yoga pants, leg warmers or knee pads if you have sensitive knees, high heels or socks if you prefer, extra costume (bra and underwear). There is NO nudity! The extra wear is to practice taking it off over your regular clothes. Hope to see you there!

Cost: $20 for current members | $30 for non-members
(click link above to pay online)

Please pay beforehand to reserve your spot as space is limited! You can pay online, over the phone, or at the studio.


This class is mandatory  Start Here!

$30.00 (orig. $35) Buy Now!  

   Please register early or call

check our the calendar here

This class is mandatory for all first time pole dancers.  You will learn the basic techniques of pole spins, strength training on  pole and a routine will be taught. You can continue learning pole by participating in any of the offered Pole Foundation classes. You need skin to stick to the pole so wear the appropriate clothes: short shorts, tee, tank or sports bra. No dance experience is needed.  All levels are welcome, and different variations are taught with all strength levels in mind.   

After your 1st class you will stay in Pole Foundation until you are comfortable with and pass off to an instructor the basic pole moves and then you will move on to Intermediate Level.  Depending on your strength and ability, this could be a few weeks, or a few months, depending on how often you come.  Class signups are done at the studio or by phone for you to reserve your poles for the upcoming week. The cost for continuing classes is $65.00 a month for unlimited classes. 

What To Wear?

POLE DANCE: short shorts, tank, tee or sports bra, no jewelry or lotion! Heels, socks or barefoot is fine!

Intermediate Advanced Classes

Pole Dance, Pole Boot Camp, Climb Sit Spin, Inversion Workshop, Cardio Boot, Sexy Stiletto

Check Calendar!

Our ladies build self confidence, strength, grace coordination, stamina, in an environment that is comfortable and fun!

The Staff at Tucson Pole Fitness

(from left to right)

Melissa - Julia - Carolyn - Amanda (owner) - Sara - Martha - Thaiese

We hope to see you down at the studio soon!